Blazor Foundation Version 2.1.6 is now available here


  • Implemented Menu System V1 (may help to eliminate foundation 6 off-canvas bugs). Note: we created this solution rather then try to fix foundation bug in order to avoid having to create a fork or jeopardize foundation integrity.
  • Fix Major issues with Vertical/Horizontal Slider.
  • Fix Major style breaking from Blazor (Moved Mandatory Classes into the Blazor LifeCycle “SetParametersAsync”).
  • Update Foundation.css (may break some style)
  • Update Modal CSS (could break style)
  • Added Title to Reveal Modal Component (may break style, you will have to review it)
  • Added Button Natively to Reveal Modal (may break style, you will have to review it)
  • Added Title Icon to Reveal Component. (Optional)
  • Added ‘’ all new custom changes will be inside this file so we dont touch ‘foundation.css’
  • Added “Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Web” to every web component to fix potential error due to Blazor update.
  • Fix Button not triggering.
  • Fix Null Reference when “onchange” triggered on the switches.
  • Minor Fixes.

What’s Next?

We plan for future release, Fixes, Improve Support of Features for Existing Component.

Expect improvement in the documentation Example/Videos/Live Demo.